Spring has come, and the ETK's skating school has started again.
Skaters and instructors get to know each other, the preliminary training groups are formed and the development of skills on the ice continues.
Group transfers will be done within a season if necessary. This allows us to consider the best of each skater's personal development. Skaters can train a group involved in that most closely matches their own development and skill level.

We use the educational tools for marker pens. Instructors draw the ice to facilitate the visualization of the guides. If a skater falls on the drawings, these pens  may leave traces on equipments. We hope that you take this into consideration when choosing your clothing on the ice.
Remember gloves or mittens.

Skater must keep the name tag on his chest the entire season on skating hours. Instructors will be easier to call by name, and create a closer contact to skaters.

Skate blades should be dried after each skating hour. Skates should be kept without a guard, so that the blades do not go into bad shape. If you need advice about sharpening, just ask from our supervisors.
We suggest to designate all of your equipment.

From Ice Rink lobbies you will find a notice board  (Espoonlahti: on the wall right next to the bulletin board and Matinkylä janitor's booth on the wall immediately to the right), on this board you will find the skating school`s locker room number of the current skating day. Harmonious and smooth ice rink will remain among the users, when we are in accordance with the guidelines.
Dressing rooms are only for skaters, and we hope that no more than one parent to help the skater. This way the dressing room does not get too crowded.

Barrier boxes by the ice are often very crowded and they  are intended only for skaters. Parents can follow the skaters up to the gate of a barrier box. This way the smallest skaters don`t have to stay behind the adults.
Parents can see the skating lessons at the stands. This way it is easier for the skaters to consentrate on teaching.

It is good to arrive a little bit earlier to the ice rinks. It is nice to change the skates without a hurry. Be prepared that the ice rink parking areas are congested and sometimes it takes time to find a parking place.
We are also careful about that we do not park our cars for the disabled places and zeepra crossings. We all drive slowly because  there is a lot of little skaters coming and going in and out  the ice rink.
This week (16.-22.1.2012)we have “skating with a friend”-week. You can bring your same-aged friend with you to the ice. Please, advice she/he about good skating equipments.
You will find information about skating school weekly from our skating schools`s calendar and from our web-pages.
FOLLOW ACTIVELY OUR WEB-SITE!  We update there skating school information constantly .