Skating school info 1 2014


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SKIING HOLIDAY week #8 17.-23.2.2014
According to skating school`s calendar , ,

we don`t have skating school lessons during skiing holiday!


SPRING SHOW Fri 28.3.2014 at Barona Arena
The great spring show, Hiawatha, will be at Barona Arena on Fri 28.3.2014. All the skating school skaters are performing there! There will be 2 shows: at 9.30 o`clock is the show for schools and at 18.30 o`clock is the show for the public.

You will find more information about the show (costumes and timetables) from our web-pages during February 2014.

ARRIVAL at the skating rinks
The ice rink parking lots are often crowded.  Finding a place to park might take a while.

Please drive carefully in parking lots, because there is a lot of small skaters going in and out.

Skaters will keep their own name tag prominently on his/hers chest throughout the skating school season  and also in shows.
-we hope that you will write into the back of  the nametag a guardian`s name and  phone number so we can contact if necessary.

-Skating outfit should be warm and flexible, do remember to wear gloves / mittens
Helmet is good to have, but not required.
-put in all your skating equipments  the owner's name, also in the blade guards

Additional information on equipments can be found on our website:

Arriving to the ice rinks lobbies (Espoonlahti the wall on the right bulletin board, Matinkylä also the wall on the right)  there  can be found  a board  where  is always ETK`s skating school`s locker room number of the time on the clock.  Please, use ONLY THOSE LOCKER ROOMS WHICH ARE MARKED FOR ETK ! Understanding and fluency of the ice rink between the users is preserved when we act in accordance with the guidance.
We hope to visit the locker rooms only skaters and one assistant per skater. This way  atmosphere does not get too crowded.
-put the skates on in a locker room
-it is good to visit the toilet before ice time
-skaters do not eat anything on the ice for safety reasons

-Parents leave their skater before the hockey boxes by the ice surfice. This way the smallest skaters do not stay between the adults, and on the boxes by the ice surfice are only the skaters and instructors.
Parents are welcomed to see the lesson from the spectators seats.
-please, let the children and instructors work in peace on the ice. Waving  hands from the spectator stands, etc. interfere  the child to focus on learning.
Instructors will answer the questions  after ice time.

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Falling safely on the ice is a very important skill and we practise it a lot.

Follow actively our web site, which is our main information channel.

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tel 09-803 22 12  (Mon-Thu 10:00-14:00)