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Here is some important information for parents.


For new skaters

We use the MyClub member service and with your own MyClub-id you can check training times, possible changes and other information. We also send all our notifications through the MyClub so please check that your email address and phone number are up to date in MyClub. You can find the free MyClub app in Apple Store and Google Play store. IMPORTANT. Always confirm your presence or absence through MyClub.



Skaters must wear warm clothes that allow the skater to move freely. Remember to have gloves on for the skater. We recommend wearing a helmet, especially for the youngest skaters. It is not allowed to come to the Ice in dirt/sandy clothes. Before your first practice, it is good to make sure the skates are the right size and fit well. The skates should support the ankle well. Remember to write the name of the skater on the blade guards. During the first lesson/exercise, the skaters will be given name tags, which should be put on skaters chest in each skating class.



You should come to the ice rink well in advance of the start of the skating class. You can also arrive skates already on. Please note that the parking lots can be busy and full of cars. Under the terms of the insurance, skaters are only allowed to go to the ice after they are given the permission by the instructor. The instructors help the skaters to ice and off the ice. Parents are not allowed to come to the bench near the ice, you have to go to the icehall stands Instructors are at the ice rink 10 minutes before practices and after practices. Instructors are identified by black vests which say 'OHJAAJA' on the back. We kindly ask that the children and the coaches are given peace and space to work during the skating school lessons. It is strictly forbidden to eat anything during the exercise or between breaks.


Falling down / ”accidents”

It is normal in skating that you fall a lot especially when starting the skating. That is why we practice falling down at the beginning. You don’t have to worry about falling down, it is totally normal. It is good to cheer up the child if he/she falls down, it is part of the learning. Even the best skaters in the world fall down!. In case of an injury the parents will be contacted immediately if they are not around at the moment



If skater needs to skip just one practice you don't have to inform that. If there are more absences, for example due to a long-term illness, please inform us to


Changes to training times

There may be some changes in training times or even total cancel of training during the season, e.g. due to hockey tournaments or other ice rink events. We will notify you of any changes as soon as possible by email through Myclub. The club is not obliged to arrange replacement classes for canceled classes if the reason is beyond the club's control.


Insurance / licenses

Skating school students under the age of 18 of our club are insured for skating classes with the Finnish Figure Skating Association's skating school insurance, provided that the skater is registered as a skating school student of the Espoo Figure Skating Club and the season fee has been paid by the due date.


Moving to other groups

As the skills and enthusiasm grow, it is possible to move on from the skating school to other groups in the club. Feel free to contact us by e-mail ( for any questions related to group transfers.


If you have anything to ask, please write an email to us: