Skating School

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The skating in Espoon Taitoluisteluklubi starts in the skating school. In the skating school children practice basic skating skills and figure skating through games, trick tracks and with a variety of teaching tools. Children do not need to know how to skate when they start in skating school.

Skating schools for girls and boys starts from age 3 or 4. The skaters are divided according their age: Group Tenavat  is for children under school age and group Koululaiset is for school aged children.  On the ice, skaters are also divided into smaller groups according to their basic skills.

There are also groups for advanced skaters; for example Stars, Salkov- and Flip-group. On those groups figure skating elements will become familiar by basic exercises, and at the end of the season skaters will have succeeded to learn many wonderful turns, jumps, slides, and spins.

During the season we do have different kind of theme lessons for example costume party and bring-a-friend-lessons.  At the end of each season ETK offers all skaters a possibility to perform in clubs annual Christmas and Spring show. Performing on the arena, having large audience on the place,  is one of the memorable moments to all small and big skaters.

ETK instructors are educated by Finnish Figure Skating Accociation. They observe carefully the skaters’ abilities and development during the lessons and they may divide them into groups that suits better skaters’ basic skills and talents.

Skating school lessons start in the beginning of January 2020 as follows:


Espoonlahti Forum-ice rink
Mon 13.1.2020

at 16.10-16.50 koululaiset, synchro skating group,flippi-group 
at 18.20-19.00 tenavat, salkov-group, big stars

Matinkylä practise rink, ice surfice # 2
Fri 17.1.2020

at 17.20-18.00 tenavat, big stars, little stars

Espoonlahti Forum-ice rink
Sat 18.1.2020

at 9.40-10.20 tenavat, adult+child-group
at 10.20-11.00 koululaiset, salkov-group,synchro skating group

Tapiola practice rink
Sun 19.1.2020

at 10.40-11.20 tenavat, little stars, rally-group
at 11.20-12.00 koululaiset, ice crystals, flippi-group