(In our skating school, every skater has his/hers own skates. We, or the ice rinks, don`t have any skates to rent.)

Good skates are easy to walk. It is easier to skate if the ankles stay straight. It is better to start with the blades which have toe picks. Be sure that your skates are right size. Skates with laces are better than skates with "bucklets". Wear one warm sock (cotton) per skate.  If you have good skates, learning is easier and fun. Your instructor will give you more information about skates if you just ask. Skates of good quality you will find from special Figure Skating Shops. Addresses you will find here below.

Tie your skates right:
1. First few eyelets supposed to tie quite loose
2. Next eyelets quite tight
3. Make knot to the ankle that keeps laces tight
4. There supposed fit two fingers between your skateboot and leg.
5. Tie the laces accurately so that the knot does not open and the laces does not dangle

Take care of your skates:
1. After use, dry you skates and blades
2. Use always blade covers when you move off ice. Wash sometimes the blade covers. Don´t keep the covers on when the skates are not in use
3. Always sharpen your skates at the sharpening expert. The blades supposed to be sharp and alike during the whole season.

Warm, flexible, and comfortable. Clothing must be easy to train. Don`t forget warm cap and gloves which stay properly on. In the beginning it is good to wear helmet.
We use marker pen as one instrument of teaching on the ice. Sometimes it may leave marks on clothing. We hope that you notice this when you choose your trainingwear.
Remember gloves.

Special Figure Skating Shops:



SM-skate Marketing Oy
Sarkkakuja 2, 04300 TUUSULA
p. 2755 548

Skate Shop
Malmin raitti 17, 00700 HELSINKI
p. 010 3979400

Lucky Skate Oy Ltd
Minna Canthin katu 24, 00250 HELSINKI
p. 477 3009 / 050-544 8505

Golden Skate Oy
Aarikkalankatu 11, 33530 Tampere
p. 050-404 8685


Pro Sharp, Tapiolan harjotusjäähalli
Urheilupuistontie 3
02200 Espoo

Nuottaniementie 9 (Mode Studion tiloissa)
Timo: 040-5936104

SM-Skate Marketing Oy
Sarkkakuja 2, 04300 TUUSULA
p.2755 548

Taitoluistinhuolto Tommi Piiroinen
Raappavuorentie 10, 01600 Vantaa
Tommi Piironen +358 40 827 9707

Taitoluistinhuolto Mikko Karttunen
Minna Canthin katu 20, 00250 HELSINKI
p. 479 584

Finnsharp Oy
Kavallinmäki 15 A
02710 Espoo
Myymälä huolto avoinna ma-pe 8-16.30
040-555 4050 Pekka Nenonen
044-510 0720 Pekka Sysimies




Good skateboots
Good skateboot