Skating School ABC

1 OR 2 TIMES: Skating school groups Tenavat and Koululaiset are practising once a week. The groups Stars, Salkov and Flip are for skaters who can make more demanding skating skills and they practice twice a week on ice. They also have off-ice practice once a week.  

ABSENCE AND REPLACING THE LESSONS: Our wish is that a skater regularly takes part in the lesson he/she has enrolled to. If the skater is ill or for example on vacation and not able to take part in his/her own lesson, he/she can have a replacement class in another skating school lesson. Please inform the trainers before the replacing lesson that you're from another lesson!

ACHIEVEMENT BADGES: Before Christmas and in the end of spring the skaters have the possibility to accomplish skill level. We have our own achievement tests and according to them the skater get badges to put in his/her own exercise-book. Take good care of your exercisebook. It is nice way to follow your own skating process.

ADDRESS: If your address is changing, let us know by e-mailing

CHANGING GROUP: When the skaters skills are growing and he/she is anxious to go further it is possible to take part in next level. The instructors will let you know when it is the best time to move on. They will also inform you of the group of the next level.

DRESSING ROOMS: There is dressing rooms at the ice rink, but don´t leave anything valuable in them. They are not locked during the skating school.

GOING TO ICE: Be in time at the ice rink, so you have enough time to put on your skates and get ready for the practice. The timing on schedule means lesson on ice. However it's strictly prohibited to go on ice before the trainers.

INSTRUCTORS: The instructors are at the ice rink 10minutes before and after skating school if you have anything to ask about skating.You will notice them from their black west.

INCURANCE: All our skaters are insured by the rules of the Finnish Figure Skating Association. Although it is necessary that the skating schools fees are paid. When the fee has been paid, the insurance is valid.

NAME TAG: When you arrive first time to the ice rink, you will get name tag, in which the trainer attaches the color code of the skater's group. Reminber to keep it always with you during the skating lesson. Please, insert parents name and phone number behind the name tag.

PARENTS: Parents are warmly welcome to follow the skating session from the platform for spectators. The skaters improve a lot quicker when there is possible for skaters and instructors to concentrate. Only one guardian/skater to the dressing rooms, because our dressing room facilities are limited.

QUITTING: If the skater wants to quit skating school during the season, please inform our office

REGISTRATION: An easy way to register in our skating school is thru internet-pages. There you will find headline “Skating School” and below it our registration form. There is possibility to register to whole season or only to autumncourse or springcourse. Registration is valid.

SKATING FEES: The fees are invoiced according to your registration, the whole season at once or two times per year, autumn and spring separately, at the beginning of the seasonRegistration is valid and we do not pay any refund if the skater decides to quit during the season.

SPRING SHOW: At the end of the skating season, all the skaters can take a part of our spring show.

TIMETABLES: Skating School lessons may have to be cancelled during the period or the skating school time may vary due to events held at the rinks. We will try our best to announce cancellations beforehand by giving notice at our website, as well as by e-mail. Our club is not responsible to organize compensation for lessons, which are cancelled by any third part.